Do you really know Fabien Seraidarian, Research & Knowledge Transfer and GEMBA Academic Director at SKEMA Business School? Let’s check it out!

If you were a song: I’d love to change the world, Ten Years After.

Your dream advent calendar: A book advent calendar to avoid stomach indigestion before Xmas.

The book you (would like to) read twice: The Possessed, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Your favourite Social Media: Pinterest.

The subject you can talk and read about for hours: Furniture Design from Bauhaus.

The celebrity you’d like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with: Jimi Hendrix.

What you like best about SKEMA: The intrapreneurial / international culture.

Your favourite Christmas movie: Fantomas.

The other job you would have liked to do: Guitar Hero.

One word to describe SKEMA Research & Knowledge Transfer Department: “The tiny dream team”.

Your favourite Christmas dinner: Mezze & the French sparkling drink all night long!

Your top resolution for 2024: Back to sport!

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