On 13 May, join SKEMA’s researchers… in a bar! In an accessible way, Armin Schwienbacher & Fabio Bertoni will talk to us about the different types of alternative sources of financing used by entrepreneurs. Know more with Chiara de Amicis, who organises the event.

Talking Research… in a bar! Is this a way to make it less intimidating? Why do you think research can sometimes scare the peneral public? Why doesn’t it attract more people?

Oh, yes! Less intimidating, but also fun and accessible to all. I think there is the wrong perception that researchers live in their own world of experiments and formulas and that scientific research is too complicated and not so relevant for the society at large. This is, at least partly, due to scientists’ inability to communicate effectively with the general public. Pint of Science, therefore, offers a fantastic opportunity to bring academics and the wider community closer together and break-down the walls that too often divide us.

Will you adapt the tone of this evening to the setting of this event? Is this event really accessible to non-experts? Will we be able to interact with researchers in a common language?

Researchers invited to present their research at Pint of Science will use a plain and clear language to discuss their most recent and interesting findings. Their talks will be structured in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable to join the discussion and share their thoughts, while enjoying a pint! 

 Tell us about the choice of topic: why is it suitable for a relaxed evening?

Everyone has probably heard at least once of “Business Angels”, or “Crowdfunding”, but how much do we really know about them? By joining us at Pint of Science you will learn about the different types of alternative sources of financing more and more used by entrepreneurs to finance innovative technological projects and start-ups. Are they better deals than bank financing, and what are the risks for the providers of the funds? Our scientists will use their expertise to answer in a clear and effective way these increasingly important questions.

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