Do you really know Stéphanie Chasserio, Head of the SKEMA Globalisation Academy? Let’s check it out!

The historical figure or researcher you would like to have dinner with: Mary Parker Follett.

The book you (would like to) read twice: Voyage au centre de la terre [Journey to the Center of the Earth] by Jules Verne.

The quirkiest item on your office desk: Post-it.

Your favourite Social Media: LinkedIn.

The subject you can talk and read about for hours: Cooking.

The “Friends” character you would be: I have never watched Friends. Strange but true. 😉

The country where you dream to work: I feel very well in France, maybe a region in France: la Bretagne.

Your favourite spot on campus for inspiration: The faculty lounge for meeting great colleagues.

The other job you would have liked to do: Chef in a small restaurant.

The best piece of advice you have received regarding academia: Work on a topic that you like.

One word to describe the Academy you represent: Benevolent.

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